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@walkfree #BringBackOurGirls . A Group of Yemeni Youth Leaders in Solidarity with Chibok Girls.Ms.Kafa Saed #100Days

Al-houssen Sawlan

Report of my trip to Berlin | Berlin Wall | In the first months after the construction of the wall enables many of the refugees from crossing to the west side , through a tunnel they dug . But things grew worse after that in the face of the escapees from the eastern part , as he tells one of the persons , who saw the stand in front of his eyes : After an exchange of gunfire between police West Berlin police and the east side , he fell victim to a new while crossing the wall. He is someone who tried to escape from the the east side , the police of trying to cover the Western arrival by opening fire , but he died on the spot in the street Bernao Street Bernao this turned into a symbol of the lack of humanity among East German regime . A visitor to Berlin in our present , he could see the remnants of the wall and the most important monuments , which document the many attempts to escape , and that some of them succeeded and others failed .