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Project Description

Representation and Communication


The Yemen Parliament Watch (YPW) project worked together with parliamentarians, journalists and youth with the goal to enhance accountability and communication. YPW has become a central hub of information and data for members of parliament, concerned civil society organizations, journalists, and citizens. The YPW website is the most comprehensive collection of information on the Yemeni parliament.


In the framework of the YPW project, YPC has trained parliamentarians, journalists and youth activists on parliament-society, as well as parliament-media relations. Besides regular parliament performance reports, YPW publishes session minutes and news articles on parliamentary developments and assists journalists focused on the Yemeni parliament. In 2012, YPC established the Yemen Association for Parliamentary Journalists. In the same year, YPC established its first Youth Lobby Group, with the goal to connect it with Yemeni parliamentarians.

  • Status: Inactive

  • Funding:  EU & MEPI

  • Established: 2009

Build capacity of journalists
Build communication channels with youth
Inform the public on parliamentary proceedings
Hold parliamentarians accountably

The Yemeni state has collapsed on the national level, with the parliament not operating. The transition process initiated in November 2011 failed. In September 2014, the Houthis, an armed rebel group, took over state institutions in the capital and orchestrated a coup. Since March 2015 the population is experiencing the consequences of civil war and military intervention by a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

YPW is now on halt. Nevertheless, YPC is convinced that political institutions such as the parliament will be crucial in post-war reconstruction efforts. YPC also believes that it is important to enable the citizenry to hold government institutions accountable, and to make government institutions more responsive to the needs of the people. Only then can popular trust in state institutions be built.

What is the Yemen Parliament Watch?


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The Yemen Parliament Watch was first established by YPC in 2009, when parliamentary elections were scheduled to be held. The first phase of the project (2009-2011) was financed by the European Union’s Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights. The second phase of the project (2012-2014) was financed by the Middle East Partnership Initiative.


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